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The Umbrella Academy Display Action Figures!

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These were the action figures they had on display for The Umbrella Academy.  This doesn’t mean that there will be action figures soon, nor does it mean that this is what they will look like when they actually do come out with them.  This is simply the ones that was on display at comic-con.

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More Photos of Gerard Way at Comic-con 2008

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Photos by Loren Javier
All Rights Reserved

Gerard Way’s Comic-con Panel and Photos

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All info and photos are property of Limmenel and her LJ.

Her Photos

Her rundown…

Today was GERARD WAY DAY for me at Comic-Con. Seriously, I was basically singing that this morning walking to the con, and Shaina and Emily were laughing at me as I sang “today is gerard way day!” over and over again.

I hit the convention center at about 10 AM, and dropped by the Dark Horse booth really quickly to confirm signing details, then headed upstairs to the room 6B, where Gerard’s panel was going to be at 2:15. Over four hours and three so-so (mostly boring) panels, I managed to make my way to the VERY FRONT CENTER of the room. Seriously, directly in front of Gerard Way’s spot at the panel table.

(The other three panels were some comic guy, the Tori Amos panel, and a DC panel.)

Gerard’s panel was with Grant Morrison, and together they were really great. Some of the questions were really great, and we got some awesome information out of them. Like this: Gerard was talking about how he wanted to shoot a video for “Mama”, and how Grant was supposed to be in it, and he’d play the devil, and it’d show the band getting chased by live wolves, and Liza would play the Virgin Mary. But it was budgeted at, like, $600,000, so obviously there was no way it could happen.

(Some people asked STUPID SHIT. Guys, do NOT NOT NOT ask for an autograph mid-Q&A, or ask Gerard to talk to your friend on the phone, because fuck, the rest of us will just applaud when he’s an asshole to you, because YOU DESERVE IT.)

Anyways, I got to ask a question. I asked it to both Grant and Gerard… something about how Grant writes for DC and does comics like Batman were the universe is already established and there’s plot to fall back on, while Gerard writes in a totally original universe, and what’s that like, how is it different and whatever. (When I met Gerard later, he remembered me and said my question was a really good one!).

After the panel, we all DASHED down to the Dark Horse booth to see who got the drawing for the autograph line. There were 100 spots available, and over the last two days I’d managed to get 11 tickets between me and everyone I know asking for them. And luck of all lucks, I got not one, but two autograph bracelets!!! I gave one to a girl I met in the panel (even though people offered me, like, $20 for my extra one).

I chose to be the last person in line, because we were definitely all getting signatures, so I wasn’t super worried about missing out. And WOW WOW WOW AM I GLAD THAT I DID THAT! Because who was hanging out at the end of the line?


I almost passed out. Not only was I guaranteed to meet Gerard Way, but Mikey!! Alicia!! ANDY HURLEY! I missed Lyn-Z the first time I saw them, unfortunately. Mikey was so nice, he signed my MCR poster that I had with me, and he, Alicia, and Andy took a picture with me! I didn’t have anything for Andy to sign, but I chatted with him for a couple of minutes about comics. This is his first San Diego Comic-Con, though he’s been to other ones before, and we talked about his favorite comic store in Chicago (even though he’s from Milwaukee). He was really startled that anyone knew who he was!!

So, then the signing. Which was awesome. They told us NO MCR STUFF! but because I was the last person and Mikey had already signed it, Gerard signed my MCR poster! He also signed my copy of Umbrella Academy (the trade). So exciting!

Afterwards, me and a couple other girls hung out, just to hope he’d come back out from the back of the booth, where he was in a meeting with the Dark Horse people. He snuck out the back, unfortunately, so I gave up and started to head home.

… then something told me to walk by the booth ONE MORE TIME, so I did, and HELLO LYN-Z WALKED OUT! I had the newest RockSound with me (not the MSI cover, alas) that had a tiny article on Lyn-Z in it, so she signed that and took a picture with me.

Official Photo of Gerard Way at Comic-con ’08

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Comic-con Official Photograph of Gerard Way

Photo By James Dimmock
All Rights Reserved

Photo of Gerard Way Accepting the Eisner

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Photo Credit [info]nightlilac on LJ

Reader, Connie’s MCR DAY!

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Our reader Connie was nice enough to make these pics and send them to My Chemical Freak!  Looks like a fun day!

Thanks Connie for sharing the fun!

Click each photo to enlarge.

Gerard Way And Series 2

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Gerard has another interview floating around.  This time it is with Publishers Weekly

CLICK HERE to read the full interview.