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The Umbrella Academy Display Action Figures!

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These were the action figures they had on display for The Umbrella Academy.  This doesn’t mean that there will be action figures soon, nor does it mean that this is what they will look like when they actually do come out with them.  This is simply the ones that was on display at comic-con.

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Born Under a Dark Sun: Gerard Way and Grant Morrison on CBR

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Comic Book Resource has a nice, neatly packaged article on Gerard and Morrison’s panel at CCI.

Click Here to read more

Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba Eisner Photo

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This photo is of Gerard and Ba presenting an award to Fabio Moon at the Eisner Awards, after accepting their own.

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Photo Credit Dryponder

Gerard Way Returns with The Umbrella Academy Series 2

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As all of you well know by now, Series 2 is coming out this November.  There have been countless articles that have all said the same thing.  There have been interviews with Gerard and videos of him talking about.

So now I give you yet another article, but it’s worth reading!

Following the critically acclaimed, Harvey and Eisner Award — nominated miniseries Apocalypse Suite comes the newest chapter in the lives of the Umbrella Academy from series creator Gerard Way and artist Gabriel Bá: Dallas — a story as American as a 1961 Lincoln Continental, where everything will change, and yet . . . remain the same.

Click to read more… Gerard Way’s The Umbrella Academy Returns

The Umbrella Academy Earrings!

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CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!  I personally think these are awesome and a great idea!

The Umbrella Academy inspired earrings!

HOW COOL are these?

If you would like to contact Kelly & Shay you may do so HERE at their etsy site.

The earrings you see are not on the site, you must contact them for purchase info!

And The Winner Is… Gerard Way and Ba’

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Congrats to Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’ for taking home the Eisner Award for Best Limited Series.

If you would like to see all the winners from last night’s Eisner Awards, CLICK HERE.

Gerard Way Comic Con Channel G4 Interview

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Did it happen?  Yes.

Was it long?  No.

But here it is for those of you who missed it.  Gerard’s part starts around the 2:30 time mark on the video.

Thanks to for the vid!